18 May 2020

Barnaba Fornasetti’s message for the inauguration of the #iosonocultura2020 strand of the Symbola Foundation. “Io sono cultura” (“I am culture”) is a annual study that quantifies the importance of culture and creativity in the Italian national economy, and which at this historic moment confirms the role of Symbola in highlighting its relevance. 

Since 2011, Fornasetti has collaborated with Symbola by lending the face of its best-known series, Tema e Variazioni, for the cover of the annual report. For 2020, Barnaba Fornasetti has chosen the variation with the hot air balloon: a way of expressing the desire that our creative ability will allow us to take flight and return to looking at things as a whole, gaining a new perspective, and a further confirmation of Fornasetti’s commitment in the field of culture.

The #iosonocultura2020 strand will complement and anticipate the presentation of the 10th annual “I am culture” report, which this year for the first time will be held after the summer, in order to collect data and initial estimates of the impact of the current crisis on the cultural and creative system compared to 2019 data.

In two weekly appointments, it will consider the impact of the crisis on the culture sector, its repercussions on the corresponding labour market, but also the many stories of those who are taking advantage of this moment to change pace, focusing on skills, communities, territories, and technologies.

“In this phase as never before, we need to process the wounds, fill the gaps in meaning and rebuild the sense of things. Crises are moments in which words and stories, which until recently had held us together and guided our lives, suddenly lose their cohesive and guiding power. Nothing succeeds better than culture at fulfilling this function, reconnecting ideas, weaving meanings and imagining new horizons. The real challenge for culture today is therefore not to go back, but to bring together the past and the present, the historic and the futuristic. Creative ability, they say, is in our DNA, we just have to get moving, look at things as a whole and gain a new perspective.”

Barnaba Fornasetti


Barnaba Fornasetti takes part in the #IosonoMilano initiative launched by Vanity Fair Italy 

With the hashtag #IosonoMilano, (“I am Milan”) the new issue of Vanity Fair, distributed free today throughout Lombardy, unites the voices of 64 personalities in Milan who send out a message of unity, strength and solidarity towards the other cities of Italy and the world who are currently facing the Covid-19 emergency.

11 March 2020


Fornasetti takes part in the online charity auction Design Loves Milano spearheaded by creative agency Mr. Lawrence in collaboration with Cambi Auction House. Together with an incredible roster of prominent international designers, Fornasetti donated three of its collectable design pieces to benefit the ASST. (Azienda Socio Sanitaria Territoriale) Fatebenefratelli of Ospedale Luigi Sacco in Milan. […]

17 April 2020


‘This crisis demonstrates that all the problems that concern us today are global in nature and that we must find solutions that transcend borders, by joining forces and not creating walls’. Barnaba Fornasetti

2 April 2020

Fornasetti kicks off with culture and opens the new exhibition Theatrum Mundi

Fornasetti kicks off with culture and inaugurates today the new exhibition “Fornasetti Theatrum Mundi” at the Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta in Parma, open until 14 February, 2021.  The exhibition is a dialogue between the architecture and artworks of the Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta and Fornasetti’s boundless creativity; a network of references and suggestions that give life to a “theatre […]

3 June 2020

The new Fornasetti exhibition in Sweden

From 14 June 2019 to 26 January 2020 Artipelag, the international art museum and multi-purpose space in the outskirts of Stockholm, will host the exhibition “Fornasetti Inside Out Outside In”. It is the fruit of a collaboration between Artipelag and the Milanese atelier. Curated by Barnaba Fornasetti, Jessica Höglund, Valeria Manzi and Bo Nilsson, it […]

14 June 2019

Fornasetti at Nomad St. Moritz

From 6 to 9 February Fornasetti is taking part to Nomad St. Moritz, the showcase by invitation dedicated to collectible design and contemporary art that brings together international galleries in extraordinary architectural locations all over the world. In the spaces of Chesa Planta, a historic building of the eighteenth century, the Milanese Atelier presents Fornasetti, […]

5 February 2020

Fornasetti celebrates the opening of the new store with the “Queen Lina” wall plate

“Queen Lina” is the new decor from the Tema e Variazioni series, designed by Fornasetti to celebrate the opening of the London store at Harrods. In this variation, the face of the famous soprano engages with symbols of England from various eras. The design is featured on a porcelain plate and on a decorative panel, […]

19 October 2019