Fornasetti presenta: S/Oggetti parziali by Carlo Dell’Acqua

23 September 2019
Fornasetti presenta: S/Oggetti parziali by Carlo Dell’Acqua
from 25 September, 2019
to 16 November, 2019

Corso Venezia 21/A (corner via Senato),

“Fornasetti Presenta” is the new multi-purpose art space jointly created by Barnaba Fornasetti, artistic director of the atelier, and Valeria Manzi, the co-curator of cultural projects. A space where Fornasetti’s world mingles with other art forms.

The project, which started earlier this year with the collaboration with the British artist Anj Smith, is set to continue with the “S/Oggetti parziali” by Carlo Dell’Acqua. 

Invited to work with some of Fornasetti’s most iconic pieces, Dell’Acqua has readily accepted the challenge by focusing on the symbol of the atelier’s creativity: the face of Lina Cavalieri. The artist has manipulated, torn to pieces, annihilated and then reassembled Fornasetti porcelains, giving new life to the face of the famous soprano. The entire series of works will be displayed for the first time ever.

by Carlo Dell’Acqua
Opening 24 September 2019, 6.30pm


The new Bisazza mosaics collection with the iconic Fornasetti decorations

From the partnership between Fornasetti and Bisazza, the leading Italian brand in the creation of glass mosaics for interior and exterior decoration, comes The Fornasetti Collection: a meticulous selection of five of the Atelier’s decorations embellished by the brilliance of Bisazza glass mosaic tiles to give any room a uniquely magical aura. Reflecting Fornasetti’s continuous search […]

15 June 2020


‘This crisis demonstrates that all the problems that concern us today are global in nature and that we must find solutions that transcend borders, by joining forces and not creating walls’. Barnaba Fornasetti

2 April 2020

Artist’s showcase at Fornasetti Store on Corso Matteotti

The Fornasetti Store on corso Matteotti is hosting an artist’s showcase exclusively for Milan Art Week. Carlo Dell’Acqua, who, like Fornasetti, has succumbed to and has become obsessed with Lina Cavalieri’s face, has manipulated it and pieced it back together in his “S/oggetti parziali” installation, which can be viewed until April 14, 2019.

1 April 2019

Fornasetti presents the new edition of the Piatto Calendario

Fornasetti’s Piatto Calendario is a tradition dating back to 1967, when Piero Fornasetti designed the first limited-edition New Year plate to be given as a Christmas gift to friends and devoted customers.  Fornasetti dedicates its annual Piatto Calendario to Ludwig van Beethoven and his Third Symphony, the Eroica, which, more than any of his works, […]

6 December 2019


Since 2011, Fornasetti has collaborated with Symbola by lending the face of its best-known series, Tema e Variazioni, for the cover of the annual report. For 2020, Barnaba Fornasetti has chosen the variation with the hot air balloon.

18 May 2020